Valentines Dos and Dont’s

The season of love is around the corner. Are you prepared?

Many people get hung up on getting the perfect gift for their Valentine that they stress out about it until February 14th has come and gone. Some try and plan the perfect date for bae but end up with more they can bargain for. Others are simply caught up in their sly (creepin’) ways and fret about a game plan. But there is no need to fear! Time2Grind is here to help you for game day.

We came up with a few Valentine Dos and Don’ts that is ensure that things are smooth on the big day.


1. DONT – Flowers, Cards and candy

If your known for balling out all year and show up with any combination of flowers, cards and candy, ONLY, in hand, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Especially with tax season is in session there is no other excuse in the book, other than “I forgot” or “I don’t care” that can make up for this gift.

2. DO- Jewelry

Maybe your valentine has had their eye on a certain jewelry item for quite sometime. If you didn’t get it at Christmas, then you should revisit that idea this time around.

3. DONT – Proposals

This is not to shoot down any chances of happiness and everlasting love but really, and we mean really, think about this step if you are thinking about popping the question. Why wouldn’t someone want to remember the icon moment of getting engaged on love’s day? Although a classic move, this can lead t further bitterness and bad memories towards the holiday if things don’t work out as anticipated.

4. Another DONT – Break Up

This tip is somewhat self-explanatory. We can’t control what happens in your life but we care about optimizing your happiness on/towards this day. If you are tempted to end thinks right before, during, or right after V day, then resist the urge by all means possible. Reason being as aforementioned.

5. DO- Remember the important part

This day is meant to show how much you appreciate someone other than yourself. If you don’t have money to get a gift, you can still give invaluable sentimental gifts from the heart. A home cooked dinner and a movie is nice.  A home spa date is lovely. A simple night of wine and reflection can bring two closer together.



What are some of your Do’s and Dont’s ?


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