3 Things You Can Learn From Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has been the topic of discussion for the past couple of months since it has been brought to the world’s attention by  “wild child” Azealia Banks, that the Aussie blond is exploiting black culture. The controversy started when Banks highlighted that Iggy called herself a runaway slave master. Banks also raised questions  about social awareness/obligation to TI, who is the driving force behind Iggy’s career but he continuously  defends his signee. The Iggy backlash got heavier after she won the Best Rap Album at the AMAs 2014, resulting in reactions from all of “black twitter” amongst the rest of black entertainers.

The most pivoting point in all this frenzy was the emotional Azealia Banks interview with Hot97  where she had more than 140 characters to explain why she is leading the Iggy ban brigade. (watch the interview below if you haven’t yet) . This interview resulted in more people in Bank’s corners as they were “enlightened” by her words.

The latest news involving this theme around Iggy, includes rapstress EVE and songstess Jill Scott. While promoting their Lifetime movie “With This Ring” on a Sway In The Morning Interview, Sway asked their opinion on Iggy’s success. They mildly reiterated Azealia Banks’ argument , in a political, low key shade type of way.

“…I think she’s fly..I just wish it was more of where she came from” stated Eve.

In the midst of what seems to be an operation to ban Iggy Azalea from Hip Hop culture, you have to admit that she is holding up pretty well. After observing her growing success and reactions to all of what has been thrown to her, you can learn a few simple but necessary life tips from Iggy.

1. Bend Don’t Break

Iggy shows her fans that she is effected by the hate that she receives but she finds a way to fight through it all.

2. Be Yourself Iggy is not ashamed of her Australian roots and dirty south “upbringing”. It is what makes her the unique voice that she is.

3. Be unapologetic Iggy is not wasting anytime validating the music that she makes.

Now fast forwarding to Grammy Weekend 2015, Iggy Azalea is making new headlines by being nominated for a couple of hip hop Grammys. Of course we are forecasting some shade and Azalea clap backs.

Will you be tuned in to both the Grammys and Twitter?


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