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When making the regular donation of $24.95, you will then be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list can take up to 4 hours or more depending on how many artist donated before you. If you want to skip this process and get your song reviewed immediately , you must donate $59.95 instantly. This process is called “STOP THE BANK!” If our worldwide international audience thinks your song is bad, we are only obligated to play half of the song. Please be advised, after we play any portion of your song, there will be no refunds. If you made your donation via Cash App Please email an MP3 or Link to your video and a screenshot of the payment to



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1 song review



Guaranteed review

Between 7-11pm

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2 song review



Guranteed review

Between 7-11pm

First come first Served

4 song review



Guranteed review

Between 7-11pm

First come first Served

1 video review



Guranteed review

Between 7-11pm

First Come first Served

Stop The Bank



VIP Instant Review

Skip the Regular Review Line

1st come 1st serve


Super Stop the bank



Skip The Stop The Bank line

Skip the free review line

Instant Review

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Interview Lasts 3-5 Minutes

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10 song mixtape review



10 song mixtape review

between 7-11 pm

Must Call the office for an instant review

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Time2Grind Radio receives a high volume of daily submissions and each song is reviewed on a first come first served basis. Currently the approximate wait time to receive a Free Review  is 6 weeks.  Please click the button to reserve your spot.

Submit your song now to be considered for Big7’s hit list. All chosen artist will go in rotation for 30-60 days. To speed up the process of getting your song Reviewed,  after you upload your song on our site, post your song on instagram and tag @iambig7 along with the big 7 Hit list logo.

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