No Amount of “HOW YOU DOIN'” Can Ever Make Wendy Williams Palatable


Wendy Williams is not only an offensive imbecile, she’s also a coward … and it’s up to you, studio audience, to decide which is which.

[Cue hearty eye roll here.]

Wendy, who attacked Bruce Jenner this past Friday, calling him a “fame whore” for his sex change, and insinuating that he was no better than the rest of the Kardashians, backtracked ostentatiously in her “Hot Topics” segment, saying that the only thing she doesn’t like about hot topics airing on Fridays is that she totally loses steam by Monday and doesn’t even have any interest in discussing them come the new week. Right.

She continues by waxing poetic about how she’s happy for him, and calls him “brave,” and you can watch the video below for yourselves — if it’s not the most disingenuous thing you’ve seen come out of Wendy’s mouth, then you apparently don’t “know” Wendy all too well.

After commending him, she calls him “fame-hungry” — a big step up from “fame whore” … but not so much.

She concludes her schtick by saying that his face could hardly move, and that he’s rocking a head full of Botox and fillers, and yup — that’s exactly what we’d expect from somebody like Wendy Williams: a superficial, hypocritical, insensitive assessment of an extremely deep and multifaceted subject.

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