NEW MUSIC : Joey Badass

“Who’s Joey Bada$$?”

That was the question Peter Rosenberg asked the just turned 20 (his birthday is today) rapper during an interview with Hot97 on Monday Jan. 19. This is the same question that will be destined to circulate amongst those that don’t follow the young Brooklyn MC because his debut album, B4.DA.$$, dropped today at midnight.


Joey brought us back to the sounds of  the nineties (or what he likes to call ‘traditional rap’) in his debut mixtape 1999. In this album, Joey keeps his fans on the nostalgic journey. The album, which features production from J Dilla, DJ Premier, The Roots and Hit Boy , has some saying it digs back further than his previous releases. Either way, the leading guy for the Pro Era Movement has everyone chatting about about his debut , wondering if this is really something to be in a frenzy about.


B4.DA.$$ is currently available on iTunes. 



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