Funkmaster Flex , Dipset and Jay Z Beef ?

Just when we thought the New York fly group Dipset was focused on their relationships , they have seemed to make headlines about them reuniting. What serves as excitement  to fans of the Dipset movement there is something that is more interesting that recently made headlines.

DJ Funkmaster Flex has gotten his hands on the Victory Freestlyle from Dipset. This Jay Z diss record comes in the midst of FMF recent rant about  Jay Z’s Life+Times website, which you can listen to below.


“We would like to know your involvement in the Dipset reunion”…”You know where I stand”…”When I go into 40/40 I was told not to play any dip set records”.

What do you make of this ? Is it just a quick publicity stunt? Are you even interested?

Skip to 10:24 to hear the Life+Times rant.


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